The TABS Suite is an AI & ML-powered platform that provides powerful qualitative and quantitative analysis in a fraction of the time and cost.

TABS helps augment and standardize the amount of information collected on a venture through dynamic scoring mechanisms via INTELLI™

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A Flexible Tool, Used in Myriad Ways



Most often used at the pre-seed or seed stages for a high-level overview on a company, or placed as a funnel to review a new deal.

TABS Suite

A more comprehensive assessment focused on assigning a TABS Score to both qualitative and quantitative metrics.


TABS allows existing and emerging fund managers to showcase any proposed investments alongside any warehoused investments through our RAIZE Dashboard.


A powerful tool to provide general company information with a twist - real-time sentiments & trends on the companies, their products/services, their industries, and their management teams.

Augment Your Existing Due Diligence Processes

Augmenting Your Existing Processes

There is no time or room for error when it comes to hot companies flying under-the-radar. TABS compresses the Time-to-Decision for those who want to conduct swift and thorough diligence on private companies and their management teams.

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Central Portfolio Hub

to keep your incoming deals organized. Replace the "info@" or "pitch@" on your site with an Apply button that brings companies seeking funding directly into your custom-branded portal.

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Dynamic Data Rooms

accessible from anywhere, at anytime. Help founders navigate through your diligence process with ease by providing you with the right documents.

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Assigning a Quant Metric to Qual Aspects

of a company, assigning quantitative metrics to qualitative, non-balance sheet aspects of an early-stage venture.

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Build custom-stacked reports with

our variety of sections (product, financial, team, strategy, execution, traction, etc.) along with newer modules such as Quant (PE & Tech), ESG, & more.

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Proprietary Diligence & Valuation Algorithms

put together by leading venture capitalists, angel investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, and other widely regarded industry experts.

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Advanced Analytics Allow for Detection of

irregular patterns, frequent changing of answers, and contradictory answers - all which play into the overall score and valuation.

Create a Next-Gen Diligence Experience

Whether it's for the benefit of your team internally or to legitimize your diligence process with Founders, TABS is flexible enough to fit wherever you'd like it to within or outside your existing processes. Invest like the Pros alongside the Pros with TABS.

Tailor the TABS algorithms with your firm's investment preferences or mandates. TABS allows you to customize how the scoring of each section affects the overall TABS Score for the companies you invite, making the Score truly reflective of your investment theses, mandates, and philosophies.

Investors Using TABS Have Something to Share

“TABS Score has been incredibly valuable for the companies we work with to not only figure out what valuations they should be seeking in discussions with investors, but also what areas they can focus on within their business to boost their value in the next round. It is hard to grow in every area at the same time and this tool can help founders stay focused on short term strategy to enable their long term goals.”
jason kraus
angel investor | prepare4vc
“As an experienced and active investor, the TABS solution is a cutting-edge new tool that makes diligence investment opportunities efficient and affordable.”
andrea vossler
general partner | varia ventures
"The TABS Suite Diligence-as-a-Service platform is long overdue and extremely valuable to me and my clients in the preparation phase as well as the diligence phase with investors. It essentially aggregates the diligence process and data as a 3rd party which provides credibility and consistent quality."
david karabinos
angel investor & advisor